Vow… to look good with a tie


Through the years, ties have been seen as symbols of genteel birth, social rank, adhering to tradition and male sexuality. In the 1960s, the tie was the symbol of the establishment. In the 80s, it represented power and financial success. In the present day, a tie represents professionalism, confidence and style.

According to the Gentlemanual: A Handbook for Gentlemen and Scoundrels, there are five reasons wearing a tie encourages people to respect you:

1. A historical social symbol 

Neckties have always symbolised nobility honour and order and were first worn in the 17th century by Croatian mercenaries to signal their position and alliances to King Louis XIV of France, who began wearing ties to signal status and power. If your goal is to inspire respect and feel powerful, we recommend wearing a tie! Even outside King Louis’ court, ties hold significant weight when it comes to status.

 2. Confidence

Because ties are linked to elevated social status, respect and power, wearing them makes you appear both capable and influential. If you wear a tie and hold yourself with confidence, those around you will assume you possess certain qualities and abilities that make you appear more confident and at ease with yourself. 

 3. Professionalism

Ties symbolise professionalism. By wearing a tie at appropriate moments, you show others that you put effort into everything that you do, and you know the benefits of looking professional. As wearing a tie makes you appear more capable and professional, you may find that wearing one means you stand out more to your boss or other work colleagues. If you look the part, people are more likely to trust you and look to you for guidance.

 4. Looking (and feeling) good

Looking good should be the number one answer. Nothing says sharp-dressed and confident like a carefully selected necktie, one that matches the rest of your outfit perfectly. Patterned and brightly coloured ties are becoming more fashionable as they make you stand out from the crowd, all while looking extremely sophisticated and put together!

 5. The extra mile

Ties tend to measure just under 60 inches, who would have thought that a relatively small piece of fabric would make such a significant impact on your appearance and how you feel about yourself? If looking good is your aim on your wedding day, (why wouldn’t it be?) we have over 250 colours for you to choose from. With this many colours to choose from, you should have no problems matching your tie and handkerchief with the colour scheme of your wedding. Our ties also come in a wide range of fabrics including tweed, dupion, silk and satins, the choice is yours!


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