Multiwrap Dresses

We think multiwrap dresses are the perfect choice for bridesmaids! One dress, able to be wrapped in many different ways to suit the different body shapes and personalities of your bridesmaids. With no real sizing and minimal alterations required, if any, these dresses are the perfect option.

Our Collections

We have multiwrap dresses by Eliza & Ethan and Goddess By Nature. Both similar in principle but different in practice to give you even more choice for what’s right for you and your bridesmaids. We have lots of colour choice available so take a look at the different options to see what might be right for you!

Eliza & Ethan

Goddess By Nature

Here are some general ideas of how to wear your multiwrap dress after the wedding or for other occasions...

Not just for Bridesmaids!

One day you’re a bridesmaid in a long dress, the next you’re rocking a short cool casual combo!

Here’s our beautiful bridesmaid Hannah wearing the ‘Diva’ long length ‘Dusty Rose’ dress.

By giving it more sparkle by adding a Vow belt and a matching Vow headpiece, Hannah is looking the picture perfect bridesmaid, but by simply cutting the unfinished hem to a shorter length and teaming it with a casual denim jacket and converse pumps, she has an outfit she can wear again.

Not just for Skinny-Minnie’s!

With the addition of some bright accessories you can create a 50’s feel.

Jody is absolutely rocking the ‘Baby Blue’ dress with the introduction of a beautiful luminous floral necklace and a couple of bright belts.

If you’re a curvier shape please don’t shy away from these dresses as they are just perfect. The weight of the dress and the gather in the skirt makes it hang just perfectly. And they’re so comfy – you’ll be striking the poses like Jody all the time!

Not just for the Youngsters – but the Young at Heart!

Heading out to a ‘posh do’? Add some great accessories, fab shoes and sparkly handbag and you’re away!

Please don’t think you have to be a young girl to wear these dresses, they are a versatile dress to have in your wardrobe. By using different wrapping styles and accessories you can re-style it for each event you go to and no one need know it’s the same dress!

Tracy is wearing the ‘Platinum’ dress, styled with a capped sleeve. This creates a lovely shape at the front, especially with Tracy’s short hair, and just covers the tops of the shoulders and arms. Rani is wearing the ‘Ruby’ dress, which works perfectly with her hair colour, skin tone, and beautiful gold accessories.

Asian Styling

Mother and daughter in the same dress!

Rani’s gorgeous daughter Priya is wearing a matching ‘Coral’ dress and has also accessorised with beautiful Asian jewellery.

The wrapping looks different enough to mean that they can both wear the same dress at the same time.

As the dresses are effectively a skirt with two very long scarves to wrap in different ways, they are styled very similarly to a saree and you can see how this dress would be the perfect outfit for a guest at an Asian wedding.

70’s Hippy-Chic!

Such a laid back cool look!

We absolutely adore this styling! Georgie is pulling off the 70’s vibe with such ease and looks so modern at the same time.

Georgie’s wearing the ‘Champagne’ dress and we’ve teamed it with contrasting burgundy accessories including scarves, necklaces and of course her amazing burgundy boots!


Appropriate and re-wearable – perfect for a young girl to wear to her Prom!

Dilara looks just divine in the new ‘Seashell’ colour. Her beautiful hair was all the contrast we needed so we chose not to over accessorise and simply added a tiara and posh bag.

We wanted to celebrate Dilara’s youthfulness whilst dressing her appropriately, so we chose a high halter-neck style wrap. This provides a nice coverage at the top of the dress but shows off her lovely shoulders!

You can just imagine Dilara wearing this dress again in the summer, probably cutting it maxi length above the ankles, with sparkly sandals and an oversized slouchy bag.

Eliza & Ethan Multi-Wrap Dresses

Eliza & Ethan are the original Multi-Wrap dress which is now world famous due to many celebrities wearing the different styles.

So whether you want the same colour but worn differently for each maid, or slightly different colours you can create a unique look for your wedding.

Larger bandeaus are available meaning that sizes 20-24 are also catered for.

The ‘Vow Twist’!

The ‘Vow Twist’ was created one day in the Vow Bridal Gallery when the creative juices were flowing! I just added the platinum coloured flower girl sash into the titanium dress and plaited the 3 sections at the back. It added a great boost of colour and is perfect to match plaited hair dos which are very popular at the moment.

The biggest compliment I could have asked for came in the form of a Facebook comment from Ethan, one of the actual designers, when he said:

“We never thought of using the sash this way! What a great idea! It looks amaaaazing!”

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