What to Expect

Everything you should know about your Vow Appointment.
We want you to get the very best from your wedding dress appointment. 

We hope you find the following useful:

Here at the award winning Vow Bridal Gallery we are ‘design led not brand led’ so we have an exclusive range of unique wedding dresses. All our designers are at the top of their game and are recognised for the individuality of their designs and the quality of their fabrics. Our close relationship with our designers means that you will be treated by us and by them as an individual bride, not as a number in a production line of a large corporate business.

As we only run one appointment at a time to give you a dedicated experience in the gallery, we ask that you book an appointment rather than just turn up. If we’ve got an appointment going on we won’t be able to spend quality time with you so we don’t want you to have a wasted trip.

With our intimate gallery you are sure of a warm welcome and we will provide a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere with the aim of finding you your perfect wedding dress. Your private appointment will last around an hour and a half and we will ensure there are no interruptions. You will spend quality time with Lisa who will demonstrate her expertise by helping you find the right dress for your body shape, style & personality. This way you get a balance between support from your family and friends alongside professional styling advice from us.

Remember you are here to find your perfect dress for the most important day of your life so whilst it should, and will, be fun you need to be focussed! You don’t want too many people causing distractions, and in our experience 2 or 3 supporters is ideal. If you can’t make a final decision on your dress without a special someone – your Mum or sister for example, then we would recommend that they come with you! If this is not possible on your first visit then bring some dates when they are free so that you can bring them back to show them the dress you have chosen.

It’s your appointment so bring who you want following the above pointers. However, we would recommend that you don’t bring small children with you. Whilst it is a very unique experience for you, we always find that small children do not find it as exciting as you do! And, as a result often keeping the children ‘entertained’ becomes a big distraction and removes the focus from you. Remember your appointment is all about you, no one else!

The best time to find your dress is when you have the space & time, so the earlier in your wedding planning the better! All our wedding dresses are made to order and so we need to ensure there is sufficient lead in time. Usually a year in advance is a great time to find your dress as it gives you all the flexibility you need.

As a result of our close relationship with our designers you can order your dress well in advance and we can time the delivery to nearer your wedding date. If you’re concerned about sizing then we can always take final measurements nearer the time.

Although that’s the ideal timeframe, we can of course get dresses made in much less time so please ask us to find out what is possible – you never know what might be doable at a certain time!

We don’t stop you taking photographs but would prefer you didn’t. In most cases your smart phone will not do the dress or yourself justice. Believe us, a photo really isn’t the best way to make a decision, and certainly don’t send any photos to someone not present at your appointment.  Remember that famous saying “never judge a wedding dress by an iPhone photo”!  Why not wait until the big day and leave it to the professionals?

We will give you a glass of fizz!  Relax, enjoy, congratulate yourself – you’ve done the hard bit now!  On a practical level we will need a 50% non-refundable deposit to order your dress. If you’re buying a dress as a sample then we’ll need 100% payment.  We hear so many times “oh I never expected to find the dress today” so people aren’t always as prepared as they could be.  Why not be able to snap up your dress as soon as you find it, especially if it’s in the sample sale as you don’t want to risk losing it.

We will agree all your measurements and pencil in dates for any alterations that you may require near to your wedding date.

You can now start to plan the rest of your perfect day around your perfect dress! We will keep you up to date on your further appointments for sizing or alterations and of course help you where we can with bridal accessories, bridesmaids dresses and/or suits for the guys.


We understand that in certain instances you may have to cancel your appointment with us. We don’t charge for your appointment and we won’t judge you for cancelling so all we ask is that you please let us know as soon as you can so that we can offer the appointment to another excited bride. Time is precious, with appointments very much sought after, so if you no longer want to visit then please give us the opportunity to help someone else instead…

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