Wedding Sarees & Saree Inspired Wedding Dresses by Ramani


We chose to showcase Ramani’s designs in the boutique to widen our appeal and increase our intention of providing dresses for many different weddings! Whether you’re looking for a fully embroidered lace wedding saree or more of a fusion style saree-inspired dress then Ramani is the designer for you! With the styles fully bespoke, you can choose different colours and lace patterns.
Priced between £1,600-£2,200

About Ramani

Ramani is an innate designer inspired by the elegance of laces from the West and silks from the East. Combining both in her exquisite designs brings a refreshing twist to modern bridal attire.

Born in Sri Lanka, she was soon to move to the UK and, being able to ‘sew before she could read or write’, Ramani brought with her a natural ability to create beautiful embroidery, lace and hand sewn dresses. This passion was to remain with her throughout a successful career in Sciences and Corporate affairs.

A visit to India in 2003 saw her drawn to the beauty of sarees made from pure silk. Being familiar with Indian culture and very much at home with the saree, its intricate folds and turns and endless styles, she rekindled her fascination for its simplicity and grace.

Ramani’s designs refine this simple elegance into delicate and sensual creations, introducing saree-inspired dresses into the British bridal industry. From couture bodices embellished with layered lace, to her more recent combinations of white and ivory lace with fine, pale raw silks, she creates superb dresses with the look and feel of a beautifully draped, perfectly fitted saree.

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