Goddess By Nature

all women are goddesses, and each deserves to feel like one.

Goddess by Nature

These dresses come in a variety of colours and also materials as they are available in a signature jersey, with added tulle layer or in sequins! Matching bandeaus are available if needed. These dresses are sleek around the waist and have a full circle skirt so they skim the body beautifully. The added option of a tulle layer on top can give an ethereal look and this is a wonderful way to complement the bride’s dress depending upon your style. The only alteration you should need is the hem just cutting to length although we do offer some additional services if you have other requirements.

You really don’t need to be a bridesmaid to wear one of these dresses – they’re perfectly versatile for many different occasions as you can dress up/down to suit your occasion.


About Goddess by Nature

Everything we do, we create, we design at Goddess By Nature has roots in one philosophy – all women are goddesses, and each deserves to feel like one.

Throughout our years of design and brand creation, our morals have always been the same, we are strong believers in body positivity. We always consider the unique shapes and sizes the female body comes in when we design our gowns. When finishing a dress, it is our goal to have made something that could look beautiful on every figure.

Goddess By Nature began in 2012 with bridesmaid gowns. One classic design, worn and loved by thousands of bridal parties across Australia, our Signature Multiway dress is what helped us grow into who we are today. These dresses are still made today with the same soft satin stretch jersey that our customers know and love. It is also the fabric in which to line most of our much-loved bridal gowns. Fast-forward a few years and our classic bridesmaid’s and bridal collections are stocked in 50+ stores internationally.

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