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Theia bring a different dimension to the gallery featuring some extremely sleek clean lined designs as well busier beaded details. Theia are a US company however we are extremely proud to be one of the very UK stockists of their unique and individual dresses.
Priced between £1,200-£2,000.

About Theia

Don O’Neill, the creative director of Theia, is known for his elegant and sophisticated evening wear. He was born in Ballyheigue, a small village in the west of Ireland. From an early age, his mother and her clothing inspired him with her elegant Bergdorf Goodman dresses and Ib Jorgensen couture suits. Throughout Don’s formative years, this inspiration fueled his dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

One of the original Titans, THEIA who ruled during the Greek Golden Age, possessed the incredible power of light which radiated from her sparkling eyes. All that she gazed upon glittered, becoming luminous and radiant. She imbued gold and silver with their shine. She gave diamonds their fire and rubies and emeralds their sparkle. Her three children; Helios the sun, Celene the moon, and Eos the dawn, all continue to bring light in to the world everyday.Inspired by the Greek Golden Age, THEIA’s exquisite beading and embroideries are created by some of the finest couture studios in the world. Each piece is meticulously stitched together to create exquisite gowns that flow beautifully around the body.

The THEIA bridal designs inspire to be classical, elegant and contemporary for the beautiful bride on her wedding day. THEIA bridal designs ensure that the gowns remain highly desirable pieces to be admired,  loved and cherished by brides from all over the world. With a touch from  the Greek Goddess, THEIA thrives to make all brides look perfect on there wedding day!

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