Madi Lane Bridal

Beauty that is found in individuality

Madi Lane

Our most recent introduction to the Vow Bridal Gallery are the beautiful dresses by Australian Design House Madi Lane. The dresses tend to be extremely detailed with intricate lace patterns. Flowing skirts and extremely flexible strap/arm features make these dresses stand out from the crowd – you know when you’re a Madi Lane bride! Priced between £1,500-£2,000

About Madi Lane

As a brand, Madi Lane emphasises the beauty that is found in individuality. The brand’s head designer, Elizabeth Young, has 20 years of experience in the industry and seems to be inspired by nature and beautiful surroundings; the dresses that she and her team have created are a work of art.

Madi Lane dresses are the ultimate combination of timeless sophistication and individuality. No Madi Lane bride is the same; they embrace their beauty and fierce femininity in dresses inspired by nature and modern contemporary couture. Delicate appliqué and embellishments make the gowns truly unique, and extremely hard to resist.

The brand is luxurious but attainable for all brides, and women from all over the world have felt the joy of wearing a Madi Lane gown on their special day. Not only are Madi Lane dresses attainable, but they are also inclusive. The dresses give the opportunity for brides to embrace their womanly beauty and individuality no matter their shape, size, or stature.

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