Vow… to tie the Windsor knot

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In a previous blog post, we discussed five good reasons for wearing a tie. The number one reason to wear a tie is looking good, and the Windsor knot looks more than just good, it looks sophisticated and stylish. The Windsor knot is also referred to as a ‘full Windsor’ or ‘double Windsor’. With over 100 ways to tie a necktie, what is so good about the Windsor knot compared to other ways to wear a tie?

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Windsor knot’ was not worn by The Duke of Windsor, but it was inspired by him

The Duke of Windsor, the former King of England who abdicated in 1936, was something of a fashion icon. Not only was he loved for his royal status, but he was also revered for his sense of timeless style. The Duke described his personal style as “dress soft” as he preferred comfortable clothes which allowed some freedom of movement. While the Windsor knot has been credited to the Duke by some, his tie look was the result of a four-in-hand knot. This style of knot created a wide and triangular knot, similar to the Windsor. The Duke’s wide, triangular tie look was so influential that over time the Windsor knot took his name. The style is now one of the most popular ways to tie a necktie.

James Bond mistrusted anyone who wore a Windsor knot, but don’t let that stop you

In Ian Fleming’s novel From Russia, With Love, James Bond meets a supposed British agent on the Orient Express who wore a tie with a Windsor knot. Fleming wrote, “Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad.” Bond may have mistrusted anyone with this style of tie knot, but it looks great and has stood the test of time.

Why do Windsor knots look so good?

The knot is popular because it is a symmetrical, triangular tie that suits a range of face shapes. Patterned ties also benefit from the full Windsor as a larger knot reveals more of the design of the tie. You will often see professionals wearing a Windsor knot because of how comfortable it is to wear. However, it does require some practice to perfect.

How do I tie a Windsor knot?

Check out how easy it to tie a Windsor knot by watching our YouTube video!


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