Coronavirus Update


Adapting our service to ensure the health, safety and peace of mind of our customers as well as ourselves and colleagues


As of 23/03/2020 – We are now closed for all new appointments so as not to encourage any unnecessary travel/interaction.  All of our existing brides, grooms & bridesmaids will be contacted on a personal basis.  All potential new customers should please follow us on social media.  Also, look out for virtual showrooms and various new & innovative ways of planning ahead for when you do come over for an appointment when it is safe to do so.  There are lots we can do in the meantime so please email us ( to find out more.

As of 18/06/2020 – great news we are reopening on Saturday 4th July 2020!  For the latest news see our blog: Vow… to thrill not get ill

As you can imagine, we have been thinking very hard given the latest government guidance of how we need to adapt our working processes to protect us all from Coronavirus.

Please note the overriding principles behind all these measures are to ensure we meet the needs of you and your forthcoming wedding balanced with our own personal circumstances of having dependent vulnerable relatives who remain the focus behind how we are reacting to this situation.


Our priority, as you would expect, is to protect you and your loved ones as well as ourselves and ours.  In order to do this we are going to avoid as much close contact as we can, and avoid large groups visiting the gallery at one time.  This is in line with the governments ‘no unnecessary travel’ guidance as well as general ‘social distancing’.



We appreciate some of these points are obvious but in the spirit of being open and clear, we thought we should list them!

  • We ask that you do not come to the gallery if you feel unwell, show any symptoms – we will do the same.
  • Please wash your hands and sanitise regularly during any visits to the gallery – we will do the same.


BRIDAL – New appointments

  • Please can we ask that you keep supporters to no more than 3 additional people.
  • Usually, I would help to dress you when trying on different dresses. You are welcome to put the dress on yourself and/or have a close loved one do it for you – all with my guidance as necessary of course!


BRIDAL – Alteration fittings

  • You will receive personal information regarding these.
  • At the moment all fittings booked will go ahead as planned.


MENSWEAR – New appointments

  • Please can we ask that you keep supporters to no more than 3 additional people.
  • Rest assured you will receive a freshly laundered shirt to try on whenever you come for your appointment.



  • Wherever we can, we would encourage you to do sizing at a later date which will avoid unnecessary travel.
  • We obviously need to mitigate the risk of leaving everything to a later date and having more issues further down the line, so we will continue to do some sizing appointments as necessary but only no more than 3 people at a time – no large groups, please.
  • As a general principle, if we’ve already done your sizing and you’re due to come in for final fittings, then we’d ask that we don’t do these for the whole group – we have time to change things during the week, as we will get your suits early enough to sort for your wedding. If you have a specific person who you know will be different from their original sizing please be in direct contact with us.


BRIDESMAIDS – New appointments

  • Where possible we want to limit large groups all coming at one time and be timely about coming over.
  • As the dresses are multiwrap, we will guide you in dressing each other.


BRIDESMAIDS – Alteration fittings

  • We would ask you where possible to measure the hem lengths yourselves at home and then bring the dresses to us so we can give to the seamstress.
  • To guide you through this easy process and hopefully give you assurance/confidence we’ve done a little step by step video.


  • We are always on hand to talk you through, to do more personal videos for you, to generally give you what you need to do all this so please be in touch!
  • A reminder that YouTube videos are available on our website for how to wrap all the different styles – see below.


We hope that sets out general principles but we are here to help.  At the moment we are in the gallery during normal working hours, and as many of you know we are generally always available on email/messaging platforms so please just be in touch to discuss your personal situation with us.


We will get through all this; by being sensible we will continue to work hard to ensure you still have a great time when you come over to the gallery – it is a place of happiness and we want to keep it that way!


Lisa & Dave

Vow Bridal Gallery


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