Vow… to wear shoes that make you happy!

Wedding shoes

At Vow Bridal Gallery, our motto is to do whatever makes you happy! Your wedding is an extremely personal event, and you should follow our motto when it comes to your outfit, your venue, theme, everything: just do what makes you happy and makes you feel comfortable! It can be tempting to adhere to wedding traditions or do what your family members or friends think is best, but in the end, it’s what you and your partner want that matters most of all.

When it comes to dress fittings, Lisa and the seamstresses Michelle, Sharon and Kay, are always excited to see the shoes the bride has chosen to wear. We always love the vast difference in the shoes brides pick! There are a lot of options to choose from. Do you go for classic pumps, stilettos, sparkly heels, slingback flats, mules, espadrilles, block sandals or sneakers?! Do you want shoes that you can dye and wear again, or do you want ones that you’ll treasure forever, but you’ll never wear again? It can be a tough decision, there are just so many options to consider.


Wedding Shoes Checklist

We’ve formulated a Vow Bridal wedding shoe checklist to help you make your decision.

Picture the wedding shoes you’re considering, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How comfortable will you be in your chosen shoes?
  • What will the ground be like underfoot? Stilettos might not be the most functional choice if you’ll be walking across grass, for example.
  • Will you be able to wear the shoes all day? We recommend that you try and be consistent for as long as you can, as different heel heights can affect the length of the dress.
  • Will you see the front of the shoe as you walk with your style of dress?
  • Do you choose a statement colour, or do you choose shoes that match your dress? It is important to note that you absolutely do not have to wear ivory shoes if you don’t want to. If you love a pop of colour, why not choose some statement shoes to add a unique touch to your wedding look!
  • Do you want embellishments on your shoes? We mention this because embellishments might catch on the inside layers of your dress. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a tripping hazard or a damaged dress!
  • How do the balls of your feet, little toes, and the back of your heels feel in your chosen shoes? You need to be comfortable on your wedding day, so this is a vital question to mull over!


Whatever wedding shoes you choose, we’ll be very excited to see them and, of course, admire them!

Are you still searching for your perfect wedding dress? Why not book an appointment with us. We’ll do all we can to help you find your ideal gown for your special day!


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