Vow… to explore the gallery!

Vow Bridal Gallery

If you’re considering booking an appointment with us, we wanted to give you a little walkthrough of the gallery, so you know what to expect when you get here! We moved into our current premises in Wansford in 2015 after four wonderful years based at the Haycock Hotel, where the Vow Bridal journey began. Over the last five years, we’ve made lots of changes to the space to ensure it’s as welcoming and comfortable as possible. It is important to us that you have a pleasant experience when visiting Vow Bridal Gallery. We created Vow out of a passion for style, individuality, substance and service. We hope you find this passion reflected in your experience when you come and visit us!

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the gallery…


When you first enter the gallery, you’ll be standing in our reception area where Lisa or Dave will greet you with a big smile! The reception area is a cosy space characterised by wooden beams, furniture and decorations; it sets the rustic tone for the rest of the gallery. You’ll also see our lovely board full of memories where we proudly display pictures of our happy Vow brides, grooms and bridesmaids!

Your health and safety means a lot to us, and as a result, we continue to use perspex screens and a hand sanitising station in the reception area to ensure all who enter the gallery are as safe as possible.


Bridal Room

Just beyond the reception area is the bridal room. This airy space is full of natural light thanks to the skylight, which lots of our Vow brides really like! In the bridal room, you’ll see our dresses hung up around the edges of the room from designers such as Madi Lane Bridal, Kenneth Winston, Theia, Silhouette, and others. The room contains a private changing room, as well as a comfortable seating area for your supporters to sit and admire the dresses as you try them on. This room is where the magic happens and memories are made!


Bridesmaids Room

In the east wing of the building, you’ll find the bridesmaids room, which is full of beautiful and highly adaptable multiwrap dresses in a range of stunning colours. One of our favourite aspects of the room is the lovely old fireplace and the low ceiling with downlights. Plus, this is an excellent spot for the bride to go and stand in if she has a dress full of hidden sparkles!


Menswear: The West Wing

In the west wing of the gallery, you’ll find the two menswear rooms, which ooze cool bachelor style. The rooms are filled with stylish suits of all kinds, including Lounge, Tweed, Morning and Prince Edward suits. There’s something for every groom and their loyal groomsmen. These rooms are often filled with laughter as grooms get a little giddy when surrounded by friends, especially if the cameras come out!


Pretty but practical

The gallery isn’t only nice to look at; it’s also highly practical. You can park right outside the front door for loading and unloading. This is extremely important when picking up a precious wedding dress and lots of suits that need to remain pristine! 

We hope that this little walkthrough gives you a bit of an insight into the layout and feel of the gallery, and we look forward to welcoming you inside soon if you decide to book an appointment!


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