Vow… to enjoy the Harrogate Bridal Show!

Harrogate Conference Centre

The other weekend we had our first big trip out to the Harrogate Bridal Show to buy some new dresses for the gallery. We saw lots of lovely new dress designs, and we’re extremely happy with the purchase choices we made! We weren’t allowed to take photos in some areas, but we managed to snap a few and wanted to share some highlights with you!

Trends for 2022


From what we saw at the Harrogate Bridal Show, sparkly dresses will be popular in 2022! On the catwalk, we saw lots of shimmery sequins and shiny dresses. The lights on the catwalk highlighted just how beautiful and striking the dresses featured were!

Madi Lane Sparkle

Plainer Styles

Alternatively, we saw a range of plainer, simpler styles with clean lines, small folds of material, and some accent lace detail which made the plainer dresses really stand out.

Kenneth Winston Plain Style Dress


We saw several dresses with linear rather than floral detailing, which really helps accentuate features and direct the eye to the shape of the bride’s body. Some of the detailing reminded us a little of the Chanel chains or the Yves Saint Laurent vintage branding!

Lines Madi Lane Dress

Quite frankly, we saw several really unique styles, from this…


…to this!



Highlights from our weekend at the Harrogate Bridal Show

It was so nice to be out and about again after such a long time with no events! We loved catching up with people we haven’t seen in a while.



The Catwalk Show

The theatre inside the Harrogate Convention Centre was absolutely beautiful as the setting for the main catwalk!

Harrogate Bridal Show catwalk

Once the show started, we were mesmerised by all the bright lights and beautiful gowns! There was a wide variety of styles on show, something to suit every bride.

Harrogate Bridal Show

Buying new styles

We’re thrilled to have purchased some gorgeous new styles for the gallery from two of our favourite brands, Madi Lane and Kenneth Winston.

Madi Lane Philippa

With the help of Philippa from Madi Lane Bridal and Lucy from Kenneth Winston, we were able to purchase several new gowns we know you’ll love! We can’t wait to reveal more.

Lucy Kenneth Winston

We also bumped into the beautiful Sanyukta Shrestha, who was the first-ever designer we showcased at Vow Bridal Gallery, which was lovely. She hasn’t changed a bit in 10 years and it was great to see her!

Sanyukta Shrestha


We had a brilliant time at the Harrogate Bridal Show, and we can’t wait for the 2022 show!

Wear what is right for you

We must end on a sincere note. We comment on styles and trends because we’re excited to tell you about what we’re interested in and what we see at events such as the Harrogate Bridal Show. But our underlying philosophy must stand true – you should wear what’s right for you! It’s not about rules and conforming to the next big trend. Wedding dress shopping is much more personal than that, and I hope everyone who visits us comes away with that feeling.

Our buying didn’t completely reflect the trends we highlighted earlier.  It also included illusion front and back detailing because we know that’s what a lot of you have been asking for. We remain true to ensuring each and every one of you is an individual and that should be celebrated. After all, it’s what makes you look and feel the best ever!

Remember, “Fashion is temporary, style is permanent”.

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