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Our Seamstresses and Alterations

One of the most essential roles to us here at the Vow Bridal Gallery is that of the seamstresses we work with. The life cycle from choosing your wedding dress to wearing it on your wedding day has a number of different stages, all of which are integral to how beautiful you look on your big day! That’s why we’re so lucky to work with three highly talented women who help complete the Vow experience.

Michelle, Sharon and Kay have all worked with us for a while now, and we couldn’t be happier. All with different personalities, but all with an enormous amount of talent and unwavering dedication. We are so grateful to have them as part of the Vow Bridal Team!

What do they do?

When your dress arrives from the designer, it will still need some personal alterations to make sure it fits you perfectly. We always carry out these sessions much closer to your wedding so that the dress is obviously fitting your body exactly how it is at the time of the wedding (which may be different from when you had your initial measurements taken). You will also have your wedding shoes by this point, so we can also ensure the length of the dress is just right with your height with whatever shoes you’re wearing. We don’t want you having to constantly lift your dress to walk; neither do we want you tripping up walking down the aisle!

Our seamstresses invariably have to do a lot of really intricate work within the inner workings of the dress. We don’t like to go into too much detail on what might need to happen as it can sound rather alarming to a bride! But what we can tell you, and we like to shout about, is that you can trust us ultimately to produce the magic to ensure your dress fits you perfectly at the end of the process!

How long can alterations take?

That process usually consists of two sessions about 4-8 weeks before the wedding. It gives us time for an extra session should we need it, so there are no last-minute emergencies! We’ve also been able to offer an additional location other than the gallery for some of these sessions to be carried out, which has allowed our brides more versatility and flexibility with when they can attend.

Lastly, a Thank You!

Not only do Michelle, Sharon and Kay possess the skills to make your dress fit, they also have the skills to make you feel safe & happy whilst they work on your dress. It can be quite a leap of faith to trust someone to transform a well-fitting dress into a perfectly fitted dress! And we’ve seen the magic with our own eyes, which is why we’re thrilled to work with such wonderful people.

So Michelle, Sharon and Kay, we love working with you and being around your talent. We love seeing the outcomes of happy brides in beautiful dresses. And we love the fact that you continue to help Vow be the best!!


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