New Designers at the Vow Bridal Gallery


We have a special announcement – we have some brand new dresses by some wonderful designers all NEW to the Vow Bridal Gallery!

We’ve already unpacked some beautiful dresses and still have some more to come so it’s certainly an exciting time here!

Always looking to fill gaps in shape & style, as well as looking for something different, we are proud to introduce the following designers to Vow…



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Sadoni is a Norwegian high end designer brand of bridal wear. The brand has stockists all around the world although only a very select few in the UK. We are therefore very honoured to have the chance to have Sadoni designs here in the Vow Bridal Gallery!

The dresses are simple with pure lines, some lace detail and are versatile as some can be worn with overlays which can be removed later in the day.

The dresses are made from superior quality pure silk and authentic French lace and are all exclusively handmade in Norway.

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Inspired by the Greek Goddess THEIA, this bridal collection was created to bring out every woman’s inner goddess. One of the original Titans, THEIA who ruled during the Greek Golden Age, possessed the incredible power of light which radiated from her sparkling eyes. All that she gazed upon glittered, becoming luminous and radiant. She imbued gold and silver with their shine. She gave diamonds their fire and rubies and emeralds their sparkle.

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The THEIA collection combines sophisticated and elegant styling with luxurious silks, European brocades, laces, and prints. THEIA’s exquisite beading and embroideries are created by some of the finest couture studios in the world. Each piece is meticulously stitched together to create exquisite gowns that flow beautifully around the body. The woman who wears THEIA will be filled with confidence knowing her dress fits wonderfully and looks beautiful on her, thus naturally allowing her inner goddess to shine.

890348_marina 890375-cassie Theia, Vow Bridal Gallery, new designer

What’s not to love?!


Along with new dresses from our extremely popular existing designers Private Label by G and Diane Harbridge, we really do have something for everyone!

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So contact us now to book your appointment.  We can’t wait to show you our new dresses!

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