Blue is Cool and Black Is Back!



Unbelievably it’s not long now before the clocks go back and British Summer Time is formally over.  So, as autumn all too quickly arrives and the major part of the wedding seasons draws to a close we thought we’d have a quick look back at what the sharpest dressed Vow men wore this year and a heads up on what to look for in 2016.

Blue is new and cool and we’ve seen more and more grooms choosing the Royal Blue in either the Slim Fitting Lounge or Morning Suit styles.  Many of our Grooms are choosing Tweed Waistcoats with these suits to add that contemporary twist.   Not to be outdone Navy Morning and Navy Lounge Suits have graced many a wedding aisle with Tan Shoes completing the look for both our Royal and Navy Blue Suits.

Vow Bridal Gallery, Formal Menswear, Stamford, Cambridgeshire, Oundle, Royal Blue Suit & Silver Tweed Waistcoat


Our nifty shades of grey continue to be popular in both Herringbone and Mohair.  However, for 2015 we’ve also seen a big rise in the traditional morning suits, so black is definitely back with our black morning suit back on-trend!

Vow Bridal Gallery, menswear, black is back

Our black morning suit comes in the choice of herringbone or our new lighter weight Mohair jacket.  It can be complemented with matching black trousers or one of two styles of grey stripe trouser.


Another new and exciting take on the black theme is that some of our grooms have chosen to change into Black Dinner Suits for the evening reception.  We think this is a great idea as it adds that extra bit of style and class to your evening reception.



2015 is not by any means over, but at Vow we are always looking ahead.  So, for 2016 we see blue still being popular, but perhaps mixing with grey waistcoats or even grey trousers.  Also look out for our new slim-fit jackets and slim-fit trousers across all our mohair range meaning you get more choice of the tailored look in more colours. And we definitely see black continuing its popularity!


So Blue is new, Grey is still nifty but Black is back and with a bang!



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