“And the National Winner for Best Menswear Provider is…

…Vow Bridal Gallery”.

That was the fantastic announcement we heard at the Wedding Industry Awards 2014 ceremony at a packed Bloomsbury Ballroom in London.


To say we are pleased is an understatement!  As the nominations were read out we held our breath more in hope than anticipation, and then we heard “the winner is Vow Bridal”!  We both looked at each other in disbelief and then jubilation before heading to the stage to receive the award from Sky News presenter Sarah Hewson and Damian Bailey founder of the Wedding Industry Awards.  We’re glad we’d both put our best gear on as official photographs and a video interview followed soon after!  It’s a good job Dave knows just the place to get his Dinner Suit from; only the Best Wedding Menswear Provider in the Country, Vow Bridal Gallery!



We have to say that the award ceremony itself was a fantastic event and hats off to Damian and Anna for organising such a professional and classy event.  ‘Awards Chic’ was the order of the night at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, London.  The Bloomsbury Ballroom is a historic 1920’s Art Deco venue and was perfect for an awards ceremony. We were greeted by a piano player on the stairs leading to the reception area and then through to the packed ballroom where Organic Jam from Sternberg Clarke Entertainment provided background music.  As the excitement and anticipation intensified the lights were dimmed and the award presentations started!


Organic-Jam-300x200Thanks to everyone at the awards for their congratulations and to everyone on Facebook and Twitter for their comments and support, we are surprised our batteries on our mobiles didn’t overheat! We must also specifically give thanks to all our customers who voted for us.  We know how busy you all are, and the fact that you all had to go out of your way and go online to vote for us will always be appreciated.  After the awards we were able to view all the comments you made, a very humbling experience, thanks again!



Best-Menswear-Provider-National-Wimnners-Wedding-Industry-Awards-2014-Copy-224x300We now return to the Gallery and to the fantastic job of looking after all our new customers just as well as we have obviously looked after our past customers.  And, now we start the really hard work, defending our title at the Wedding Industry Awards 2015!


Thanks to Adby Creative for use of the Official Photographs.



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