The Vow ‘Wrap’ Party!! Vow Bridesmaids Event – Sat 25th Feb 2017


Not only are our wedding dresses absolutely fabulous, we’ve also taken the stress out of choosing your bridesmaid dresses with our gorgeous range from Eliza & Ethan.  They are the original Multi-Wrap dress which is now world famous as a result of many celebrities wearing the different styles.



These are dresses which are perfect for all your bridesmaids.  They’re great for different body shapes as you can wrap them in the best way to enhance an individual figure whilst still having a common theme between your bridesmaids.  They’re also one of the very few dresses which your bridesmaids will wear again and again as they’re completely versatile for different occasions.  For example, wear it long for the wedding, then cut the bottom off and team with denim & converse to wear again after!




7-vow-mix-n-match-ee-dusty-rose-platinum 2-vow-long-to-short-ee-dusty-rose 14-vow-asian-style-ee-ruby-coral 24-vow-long-to-short-ee-dusty-rose












Why not see for yourself by booking an appointment for you and your maids to meet our Bridesmaid Specialist Michelle on Saturday 25th February.


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The event is perfect if one of your bridesmaids might be a bit unsure about the dress as we can alleviate all her fears.  Or if you simply want to find out how different styles can best suit different body shapes, Michelle our ‘expert wrapper’ can help you.  Cooler than Jay-Z and far more sensible than Kanye, Michelle can show you different styles, give you top tips, and generally let her creativity run free showing you the endless ‘wrapping’ possibilities!

26-vow-colourful-ee-baby-blue 15-vow-mix-n-match-ee-dusty-rose-platinum 28-vow-posh-do-ee-ruby-platinum 4-vow-long-to-short-ee-dusty-rose


So book an appointment now to spend some quality time with Michelle.  And if you order your dresses on the day we’ll reward you with a free pair of flower clips or flower girl sash, whichever you prefer!


In summary…

  • The original
  • One dress
  • One size
  • Over 22 colours
  • Endless ways to wear it
  • Includes matching bandeau and carrying pouch
  • Machine washable!
  • Made from a luxurious, expensive fabric which does not crease!
  • Larger bandeaus available meaning that sizes 20-24 are also catered for


Contact us now to book your appointment – Michelle is looking forward to meeting you and your girls!


01780 783607




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