The Award Winning Journey Continues

Have we told you we are the Regional Winners ‘Best Menswear Retailer’ for the East of England 2014 according to ‘The Wedding Industry Awards’?  Probably!   And as we head towards the national finals in January, we were invited today to our interview at Hengrave Hall.


Hengrave Hall near Bury St Edmunds is the Regional Winner for ‘Best Venue’ in the East of England.  And as we spent a bit of time there today we can see why!


Firstly, although not seen in the best weather (as you can see from the sky in our photos – can’t you tell we didn’t win ‘Best Photographer’?!), the sheer size of the house and the architecture is incredibly striking.  The house was built in 1525 in medieval England and it’s easy to imagine what things must have been like back then.


The grounds are 350 acres which we admit we didn’t quite cover today but what we did see was gorgeous!  We think you can tell just from our few shots that your choice of background for your wedding photos is probably bigger than the time you’ll have to take them!


We had our interview in one of the annexes which is where you might have your reception.  It also houses some of your guests overnight.  We caught a sneaky peak into one of the rooms which looked very inviting, and the overall décor was really lovely – a mix of old and modern, clean lines with lots of interesting wall art.  We have to say it also had a lovely fragrance and was spotless!


All in all, it looked lovely, even on a grey damp day!


We had our interview with ‘Head Judge Damian’ – yes we watch too much Strictly Come Dancing and yes we hope we get more than a ‘sev-ern’!  It was great to see him again following on from the tweet-up gathering late summer, and we enjoyed sharing with him a bit more about us and the progress of Vow.


So now we wait for news of the national winners in January…oh and plan our outfits of course!


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