We Won!! Vow Bridal, The Award Winners – Best Wedding Boutique 2019


Last week saw us put on our posh togs and head to Birmingham for the English Wedding Awards 2019.   And it turned out to be a fabulous night as we took home the title of ‘Best Wedding Boutique – East Region’ – for the third year!!


We’re thrilled to have won this award because it really recognises the hard work and effort that goes in to running our successful business.  And every now and then it’s lovely to have something like this stop you in your busy tracks and remind you that actually you’re doing a good job!


So, sequins and bow ties at the ready we headed over to the ceremony for our glass of fizz.  It was also time for some obligatory photos posing in our posh outfits!  We treated Michelle, our extremely talented and dedicated seamstress, to a night out so it was lovely to celebrate as a team.

Lisa and Michelle Wedding Dresses Peterborough Lisa, Dave Michelle, Wedding Dressess Peterborough

Before sitting down at our table (Table 9), we didn’t know anyone else seated, but we soon turned out to be an extremely lovely and wining table!  A photographer and her proud family, a hairdresser, a florist and a wedding boutique all there to take some time out and celebrate each others dedication to the wedding industry and most importantly to our brides and grooms.  I think, even though you don’t know each other, you have this in-built knowledge that we’d all put in so much hard work to get this far, so we were all genuinely pleased for each other when the different categories came up.

Winners Vow Bridal Gallery Wedding Dresses Peterborough Vow Bridal Gallery Wedding Dresses Peterborough Cambridgeshire


A huge thank you must go out to all our fabulous brides, grooms and bridesmaids who have supported us, given feedback and/or voted for us in these awards – it makes all the difference to us to know our input is appreciated!

Vow Bridal Gallery The Award Winners Peterborough Cambridgeshire


The news that we are award winners has even made our local paper, the Peterborough Telegraph, hold the front page not quite!  So, the matching frame is on order as we prepare to add yet another honour to this wall of achievement!!

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